Thursday, October 30, 2014

$1000 for you to sub lease my apt, close to AT&T, TMobile - BOTHELL

Title: $1000 for you to sub lease my apt, close to AT&T, TMobile

Ad Detail:

The apartment is within walkable distance for AT&T and T-Mobile offices in Bothell. This is a very good accommodation for any one who would be joining these offices and arriving from some other location. Also very close to groceries, including Indian, and malls, freeways etc.
The house comes with a TV with connected Roku player, three seater and one seater sofa, king size bed with spring box and stand, a laptop table, a vacuum cleaner with loads of cleaning supplies.
I am having the lease and I want to be released from the lease which is available till April 2015, six more months. To get into the lease, you need to apply for and get approved by the property manager. Once it is approved you can be added to the lease. Then I will be released from the lease. From then on, you will be fully liable for the lease. At this point I will pay you the offer amount $1000.
In order to cover the damages in the apartment, there are two options.
1. You stay in the apartment till the lease period, dont add any more damages, and I will pay the damages from the property owner after you move out.
2. Since there are trust issues with the option one, I calculate and give up front for the current damages.
Carpet is too old that it will be replaced after you move out, so no damages need to be paid on the carpet.
The wall painting costs were covered as per the lease terms, since I have stayed in here for more than 24 months, it will be zero.
The rest of the damages are:
Wall cleaning(removing stickers from wall, fridge door etc) $100
Bathrooms cleaning $200
Kitchen cleaning $200
Door repair and blind replacement $200
Miscellaneous $200
Total $900
In total, you will be getting $1900($900 for damages at the end, and the $1000 offer I am making).
Please come and take a look and make me an offer if you are interested.
My name is Siva and my friend Karthik will help you to see the apartment and other tasks.

Visit $1000 for you to sub lease my apt, close to AT&T, TMobile for details on this classified.
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